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The trend of embedding financial products and services into non-financial platforms, known as ’embedded finance,’ is permeating various sectors.

QGX’s technology helps integrate Financial and Non-Financial Institutions into the realm of embedded finance, acting as a front for technological innovation and bringing new options for the distribution channels of financial products.

Embedded Finance Technology

For Authorized Financial Institutions or Payment Institutions:

The banking sector is fundamentally changing how people consume banking products and how banks offer these products. Consumers can now open accounts and perform financial transactions within non-banking applications or software. However, how are banks reacting to these new challenges, and what possibilities does modern technology offer?

Plataforma para instituições financeiras e instituições de pagamento autorizadas

Our platform was created to meet the needs of Financial Institutions (FI) and Authorized Payment Institutions (PI) that want to offer white-label Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) or require a digital transformation for their channels.

It enables the management of Banking-as-a-Service clients, digital channel management, and distribution of financial products, integrated with any core banking platform in the market.

For Non-Financial Companies:

Non-financial companies are discovering the benefits and added value of incorporating financial services into their business offerings. This is where embedded finance technology comes into play.

Plataforma para empresas não financeiras

By offering financial services to consumers, including bank accounts, wallets, payments, and loans, non-financial companies gain a competitive advantage as they strengthen their product offerings, adding value and innovation.

Become the digital bank for your customers, visualize financial transactions, and identify new opportunities through the provision of financial services, all personalized with your branding.

We are the only ones with multi-bank technology, allowing you to choose the financial institution you want to be connected with to offer current accounts, PIX (instant payment system), cards, loans, and much more.

With our technology, no digital bank is alike

Telas do aplicativo white label da QGX Digital

With our White Label technology and various templates, no bank is alike.

We have developed a PERSONALIZE SPACE component that allows the same app to present different content and information for each client or specific account holder in real-time.

For example, it is possible to embed a marketplace, e-commerce platform, or banner without the need to involve the QGX team.

Why choose QGX Digital?


As a B2B2X platform, QGX is a neutral partner and never competes for clients. With our White-label technology, all channels have the branding design of our partners. Our technology, your digital bank.

Time-to-market Espaço Personalize

Our exclusive Espaço Personalize® technology ensures quick and easy product customization by the client themselves, resulting in a minimal time-to-market and a unique user experience.

technology qgx
High-end technology

We innovate by offering the same embedded finance technology to both banks and non-financial companies. Gain access to Android and iOS apps, Internet Banking, management modules, and robust APIs for seamless integration and distribution of financial services. Everything is personalized to your brand.

Know-how reconhecido
Recognized expertise

A team of experts with over 15 years of experience in the financial and payment industry, having worked on technical and market consulting projects for large national and international corporations.

Here are some companies that trust us

Technical consulting with expertise in Embedded Finance and Banking as a Service? You can find it here at QGX Digital!

All the services offered by QGX Digital were designed to reduce the barriers that make the financial market less accessible. Our consulting follows the same path.

At QGX Digital, we can accompany your journey from start to finish, helping you reach the next level with confidence!

We assist with the necessary processes and technologies for your company to integrate into the financial system, saving time and providing greater security when determining the best options to achieve your key objectives.

If you’re considering starting a BaaS project but don’t know where to begin, we can help.

If you already have a BaaS project and want to take the next step, we also know exactly what to do!

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